Obsydiann Props


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What modeling programs do you use?

A: I mainly use Solidworks. Sometimes I use Zbrush for more organic pieces and textures.  I produce all of my models myself and do not rip or steal files.

Q: Can you make me a Pepakura file?

A: Unfortunately, I cannot. Due to mainly using Solidworks, my files are too hi-poly for Pepakura. I alsmo am not familiar with producing Pepakura files.  They are designed for 3D printing and other CNC techniques.

Q: Can you print a file for me?

A: I no longer offer printing services since my printers are usually always running for commissions. Please visit Habiteer Workshop (US) or Xia Cosplay (EU) as my vendors on Etsy and elsewhere. They also offer finishing services.

A: Yup! They are already cut up to fit on the average bed size for most printers now and saved out as STLs. Everything should be properly scaled unless you need to adjust the pieces to fit yourself.

Q: Are your files ready for printing?

A: Typically, no, unless we have worked out a deal. There are a few people on Etsy and elsewhere with my permission, but I no longer will be arranging these deals. I've grown uncomfortable with others running printing businesses without learning the benefits of producing their own models.  This

Q: Can I sell kits of your files in my shop?

A: I've been on the fence about this for a while, but due to the time and effort that goes into making tutorials, I don't make them. SOMETIMES I stream, but because I'm not the most entertaining person to watch, it's rare that I do.

Q: Can you make tutorials of your process?

A: There really is no answer for this. 

First, I don't know what your learning style is, how fast you pick up on things, or how much time you wish to put into this. It's very difficult for me to recommend something to you when I know 2 programs out of the dozens (if not hundreds) out there. 

Second, no program is easy if you've never touched one before. No artist you see online got to where they are in the blink of an eye. They've spent years perfecting their craft, so don't expect to get to a professional level in a month. It's an unfortunate truth, but getting good at an art is a long, slow, ugly process.  

Q: I want to get good at digital modeling fast, so what easy programs do you recommend?

A: Due to the time and cost involved, I no longer take full armor commissions unless it is for an industry piece.   I'm limiting myself to the occasional prop commission, but I'm mainly trying to focus on digital work.

Q: Can you make me this fully finished armor set?

A: Any finished prop you find here has been a commissioned piece that has been claimed and paid for by someone months or years ago.  Pretty much, they aren't for sale because they are no longer in my possession.  The galleries are meant as an online portfolio, not as a storefront.  If you'd like to commission something, please message me here.  I prefer to only make one-offs, but I will consider making a duplicate if I feel I can improve upon the first one.

Q: I'm interested in buying (finished prop).  Where can I purchase it?